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Interested in earning rank within Dor'Serrar? We've written up a guideline for you to explain what we're looking for in our members when it comes time to promote (and demote!).

In addition, each member receives a mark per campaign/mission participated in. Cumulative marks will earn you distinguished honors within the Order.

There are an abundance of campaign, mission, meeting, social, and community events to chose from and attend to earn your rank. We expect you to try hard and do well.

For the Alliance. For Kalimdor.

Nor'Serrar (Guild Master)
Blade of the Heavens

Shan'Serrar (Officer)
Honored Blade

Shan’re (Officer Alt)
Honored Liaison

Shan'do (Unit Leader)
Honored Teacher

Surfal'Serrar (Veteran)
Beloved Blade

Kal’Serrar (Member)
Blade of the Stars

Shal’Serrar (Initiate)
Blade of the Night / Nightblade

Dieb’Serrar (OOC Rank)
Blade of the Order (Family)