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Kaldorei Seasonal Calendar (Holidays)

Mush’al (January)
This month begins with the mark of a new year, and a time for blessing those in the community for good health.

Dori’thur (February)
Month of kinship and competition. Marked by community coming together for feasts and sparring matches.

Tal’adore (March)
Month of the Mother Moon. The Sisterhood comes together for prayer and community comes together to show reverence for their Goddess. During this month new Moonwells are created.

Turus (April)
Birth of new life. Cenarion Circle holds gatherings where seeds are planted in the fresh earth.

Fal (May)
The Hunt, community comes together once the moon is high in the sky for the hunt. Meets afterwards for feasting and dancing.

Shar’dal (June)
Beginning of Summer and new life.

Dath’ural (July)
Midsummer, accompanied by the midsummer festival.

Ish’ura (August)
Lanta’Eystra (the harvest). Seeds planted earlier in the year have given life and are ready to sow, at this time the Sentinel supplies are replenished.

Thori’dal (September)
This month is time for reverence to aspects and other great beings.

Shan’re (October)
During this month the community recognizes their culture. It is a time of dance, feasts, and poetry (and other art forms). Marked by leaves changing color.

Eraburis (November)
Jaliss’Ishtel, or time to remember ancestors and recently departed. Community travels a great distance on foot to pay respects to lost Brothers and Sisters.

U’phol (December)
Winter Veil, Beginning of Winter, long night. This is marked by feasts and the community coming together. Blessings are given out by Priestess’ to ward against darkness and to ask Elune to protect them in the year to come.