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Guild Rules & Ranks

The blood of the innocent shall not fall upon the Honored Blade.

You shall respect and honor your superiors, as they have earned their ranks within the Blade. However in return, they will be required to guide and honor those who choose to follow them.

You shall not desecrate any moonwell or hallowed site of our people.

Those who bring shame to both themselves or their kin shall be branded with the title of "Kal'rodne" (Translation: Ugly Star). They will hold this title until they have proven their worth to the Blade.

We are the children of Elune. We will honor Her and all of Her followers accordingly.

God-mode, Meta-gaming, & Powerplay

While you carry the guild name as a member, you are expected to roleplay with integrity. Everything you do reflects back onto Dor'Serrar's membership as a whole. Do not attempt to control others' characters, backstories, or anything not yours, without prior consent given.

This includes using prior knowledge learnt through out-of-character discussion (such as reading a forum thread or conversation in guild chat), and injuring or out-right killing another player. Everything requires consent.

Nobody is invincible (except a certain horse, and even he died at one point). God-mode behaviour is not tolerated.

Drama, Trolling, & Bullying

In-Character drama can be great fun that can help develop your characters and stories. But out-of-character, drama can cause nothing but problems among the guild members. Please leave your out-of-character drama on the other side of the guild tag. Once you've joined the guild, we expect you to behave cordially OOC – even to people you have prior tension with. IC, you're free to be a grumpy coot if your character happens to be so!

Fighting, bullying, sexual or racial discrimination, trolling, and any other negative behaviour is not tolerated. This includes the guild chat and channels (/guild, communication stones, etc), not just the public channels of the game (/say, /emote, etc).

Bad-mouthing, trash-talking, and maliciously attacking other players or guilds because of personal gripes is not tolerated. Just because you don't like someone or another group does not give you free rein to treat people poorly.

In the event something like this does occur, you must immediately contact an Officer to deescalate the situation. All parties involved must cease the topic at hand until a solution can be reached.

The Line Between IC & OOC

IC and OOC will stay completely separate. No one wishes for character conflict to bleed into their personal lives. We RP to have fun and make new friends, not enemies.

When applying to the guild, the application will ask if you've read this thread. Please put the word "Elune" somewhere in your response, as this allows us to tell if you've actually taken the time to skim through this all.

Event Attendance

New members to the guild have two months to attend an event or they will be removed from the guild. We are not an alt parking service, we expect attendance to let us know you are still interested in Dor'Serrar and it's members.

Older members who have been with us for some time have 3 months to attend any event or they will be removed. If you are planning a long hiatus or real-life gets in the way, please inform us so we may tag your name in the roster for non-removal.

Fail to inform us and you will find yourself guildless.

Not Safe for Work ( Eg. ERP, Goldshire, etc)

NSFW behaviour and roleplay is not to be displayed in public. This includes posting adult-themed information in your roleplay addon information (artwork, F-lists, etc) and ERPing in public. Overly sexualized physical descriptions posted in your RP addon is not allowed (keep it PG-13).

Goldshire is absolutely forbidden to be entered. If you are found to be frequenting Goldshire to partake or even just watch or troll the players there, you will be removed from the guild.

Flying through Elwynn Forest in order to reach another destination is completely fine, as is duelling at the front gates, but no hanging out in Goldshire at all while wearing Dor'Serrar's guild tag and tabard.

The reason for these specific rules and exclusions is to maintain the guild's reputation. What you do on your own personal, private time is your own business, but keep it out of public eye and not under the banner of Dor'Serrar.

Level Requirements & Alts

Players must be at least level 20 to join, Death Knights 70. Alts of current guild members do not apply to this rule.

In order to travel up in the ranks within Dor'Serrar, each member will receive a mark on their record (Officer Note) for attendance at every event they participate in. Each rank up requires a certain number of marks to receive.

Given the abundance of events Dor'Serrar hosts, as well as attends within the community, it is a very easy for new members to advance in the ranks quickly.

Zin'Serrar (Guild Master)
Glory of the Blade

Dieb'Serrar (Officer)
Blade of the Family

Shan'do (Sub-Officer)
Honored Teacher

Surfal'Serrar (Class Leader/DM)
Beloved Blade

Surfal'Dieb (Advanced Member)
Beloved Family

Thero'Shan (General Member)
Honored Student

Nal'Dieb (Initiate Member)
To Know the Family

Ana'Dorei (OOC Rank)
Our People