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Communication Stones

The channel for Azeroth can be accessed by typing /join dorserrar

These babies are the bread and butter of communication within the Order, and your excuse to talk within the IC chat channel as well as send IC whispers to members of the Blade.

They are about the size and shape of a hearthstone sans a few changes. The stone itself is a moss-tinted grey. Rather than a swirl, the big rune in the middle is the glaive of Dor'Serrar (like the tabard). It glows dark green, as the stones run off of nature magic (Not fel, trees!). The stones tap into the magic of the world around them, sending the messages along the roots and natural leylines of the world, kind of like magical telephone wires. These stones will work anywhere on Azeroth, regardless of distance.

There is a small swirly rune upon the side of the stone. Placing your thumb upon it and speaking a person's name, followed by your message, will broadcast your message specifically to that person rather than all the stones at once. This allows for IC whispers between members.

Rapidly pressing the rune on the side twice will send a distress call out from your stone. This will alert the order that you are in trouble and will broadcast your location and vital status to the rest of the stones.
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