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Level 110 Night Elf Demon Hunter
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Starfall Village

From afar the appearance of an average height Kaldorei meets your eyes. The look he gives you, if he looks at you at all, is indifferent; though it is rather hard to tell considering his eyes are covered with a blindfold. Not even a trace of the fel flame can be seen behind the thick leather. Silharand tends to be reserved and therefore he does not speak his mind often.

Framing his face were short locks of his deep royal purple colored hair. While stretching out to the middle of his back some of it is held up in a traditional topknot by an ornate silver band with Kaldorei markings. While his hair does not look shiny and silky as most of his kins does it would seem that Silharand at least keeps his hair fairly clean. When seen off the front, Shadewhisper sports a rather well kept beard, trimmed, clean, and highly groomed. Although his time on the front does not always give him this option and it can be seen rather disheveled at times. His body was made entirely from lean muscle that gives him speed, agility, and a rather powerful punch. When he shows his teeth, the canines appear to be longer than normal for a Kaldorei. There seems to be a faint scent of ink and paper about the Hunter no matter how many times he bathes.

Covering his light purple skin were several tell tales of the elf's profession. If the blindfold didn’t give it away, the numerous Demon Hunter markings would. They appeared to be the same shade as his hair and ranged from his shoulders all the way down the front and back of his legs as well as his arms. If up close and paying extreme attention to detail one might see traces of runes in this former Illidari's own style mixed in with his tattoos in various places. These tattoos and runes emit a soft lighter purplish glow when in battle. Also accenting his skin were some rather minor scars from various battles. The most notable was hidden under his blindfold; a long deep horizontal scar across his eyes.

Silharand is adorned in the traditional armor of the Demon Hunters: kilt style robes made out of several types of armor. The bright green is fel cloth inlaid into a dark brown felhide. Protecting his legs and hips even further were small blue and gray plates of demonsteel. The demonsteel is made very thin to keep mobility and to be lightweight, but was exceptionally hardened. There seems to be two pieces that stand out from the darker colors of the former Illidari's robes. Two tarnished blue and gold steel plates with blue dyed tattered silk cloth attached to them set against his legs.

Around the Demon Hunter's waist are two belts. Hanging from one of the belts are two small plain leather satchels. One of them jingles with the promise coin, while the other holds various scribing materials such as inks, quills, and parchment. The other belt holds a set of titanium throwing knives, giving the Demon Hunter a weapon to use at range along with another leather satchel filled with any sort of miscellaneous items he has need for. A simple pair of demonsteel bracers laid across linen wrapping are on the demon hunter's wrists. Likewise a pair of demonsteel plated felhide boots are on his feet going up to his mid thigh.

In his hands or sheathed across his back are a large pair of bulwark styled glaives that are meant for a more defensive style of fighting. Both of them are made out of solid demonsteel and had grips on the insides for better handling. When activated his glaives glow with purple demonic energy in certain areas. This energy extends downwards to form a sort of hard light blade. If swung correctly the glaives seem to have have eyes of their own, peering into the very soul that the former Illidari himself was looking at.
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