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Level 110 Night Elf Priest
Played by Velasandra
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Sister of Elune











Born and raised in Ashenvale, Velasandra had an interest in the Sisterhood and healing from a young age, due partially to her mother being a Priestess of the Moon. When she was old enough, she began training to become a Priestess, eventually becoming a Sister of Elune.

During the Third War, Velasandra was at the back lines, healing her allies and occasionally smiting her enemies. It was during this war that she lost both of her parents and several friends. The loss of loved ones, compounded with the loss of Cenarious, Nordrassil and her race's immortality led to her extreme hatred of the Horde and everything demonic and fel.

Ten years ago, she moved to Teldrassil to continue her duties as a Sister in the new Kaldorei capital of Darnassus. When the Horde started attacking Ashenvale, she leaped at the chance to join the defense.
Velasandra is a young Kaldorei of average height. She appears to be slim and from what light purple skin you can see also appears to have a little bit of muscle. She has a pretty face with red markings above and below her eyes and just a hint of cosmetics. Her dark blue hair is medium length and loosely braided with many wispy strands escaping the braid. Every so often she brushes loose strands away from her face.

Her ear lobes are pierced with blue gem studs and she has a small silver hoop in the helix of her right ear, near the end. On her belt she has multiple pouches and small bags attached where she keeps her coin and other things she likes to keep within reach.

Her expression is usually stoic, her eyes observing her surroundings constantly. Occasionally, when no one seems to be looking, she'll crack a smile and attempt to cover it with a hand, as if thinking of something amusing.
Mate (if applicable)

Delerosh Razorwind

Relatives and Relations
Mycina Dawnbow | Priestess of the Moon (Mother, deceased)
Jaris Ravensinger | Nightblade (Father, deceased)

Sisterhood of Elune
Sentinel Army