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Level 110 Night Elf Death Knight
Played by Lucilen
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Luci grew up with her older brother, who fought in any and all wars since he could hold a sword. Luci herself trained with her brother whenever he was home. They both lived in a peaceful house in Ashenvale for longer than either cared to remember. After the war with the Forsaken and Cursed Gilnean people, Luci's brother (Whom had been there to help with the first arrival of Night Elves) Brought back a young child, no older than a toddler. The child was constantly switching between forms, and had noticeable bite marks on the outer palm of her hand. Luci decided to name her Cindy, and raised her as a sister. They lived a quiet and rather normal life considering, but fate had other plans.

-- From MyRoleplay

Luci lived alone with her brother for the longest time, He worked hard in the military and made luci very worried, She couldn't be left alone, it would tear her apart. One morning luci woke up beside a worgen, whom in shock almost attacked the young girl. Luci's brother had brought the girl home, as luci found out that the girls parents had been killed in war, and luci's brother promised to protect her. For the longest time, Cindy, as the worgen girl had been named, was quiet, and never talked, but over many years, she opened up and became eager to learn about the world around her. Luci always has, and always will see her as a sister, regardless of the past. If only things had stayed like that.


For the first time in her life, luci faced an eternal end, the embrace of death seemed to wrap around her. This was a new feeling, her heart was racing, she was close to death, but she would not lay down her life just yet. Even though her brother lay dead on her right, and her sister wounded on her left, she found the will to fight with all she had.

Grabbing two nearby planks of wood that had been splintered off the main structure of their home, Luci attacked the deathknight with superhuman strength and ferocity, swinging one arm after the next, with pure relentlessness. Strike after strike, Luci's foe was painted crimson with blood, and a finishing blow broke one of her makeshift weapons in half. The deathknight lay dead before her, his weapons not far from his corpse. If she left such weapons lying around, they could fall into the hands of someone dangerous. She looked over at the corpse of her brother and knew that she couldn't let that happen. Luci decided that she live up to her name Runesong, and took the two runeblades for herself. The new weapons gave her a surge of energy, and were just the right size and weight. With the new found energy, Luci picked up her sister and carried her away from their ruined home, refusing to look back at that horrible memory, meant to be a special day.

Luci wiped a tear from her eye, and mumbled under her breath."Happy birthday, sis."

That day was the anniversary of when they first met Cindy, and thus they had been celebrating her "Birthday". With tears forming in her eyes, she moved on, knowing its what her brother would want.

Luci now lives in Dalaran with her sister whom studies Arcane magic

Luci is a relatively tall Night elf woman adorned in often changing armour sets, she has a more preferred bone plate set and a more dark and intimidating set. One thing that stays constant are her runeblades, that appear on her back always with her. The blades have large blue crystals at the hilt, and their dull edge is lined with dark blue runes that not even Luci can interpret.

Luci used to have blue hair, and rich, seemingly untouched purple skin, but the corruption she carries is slowly taking effect, and dull white spots can be noticed on parts of her body, and her hair is quite noticeably pale also.

Relatives and Relations
Parents (Unknown)
Brother (Unknown)
Adopted sister (Cindy) - Worgen Female.
Cindy's human form has brunette hair and blue eyes, her character is passive and rather quiet, but determined and focused.
Cindy's Worgen form is a dark black fur with green eyes.
Friends (Unknown)
Pets (Winterspring Cub - Unknown name)
Luci is sometimes seen accompanied by a white tiger cub