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Level 100 Night Elf Priest
Played by Lithiaris
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Northern Ashenvale





While most of her history is kept to herself unless personally asked, there are several bits of information about her past that are well known enough to be put here:

She's trained to be a Priestess of the Moon most of her life, and has succeeded. She was assigned to the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus when it was first built, though at the time she was working as a paige until she'd finished her time with a mentor.

Something caused her to leave that station for a year.

She's now back with the society, and though she is considered a member of the Sisterhood, she doesn't constantly work at the temple, working instead with the Dor'Serrar as a support and front-lines combat mender, although more often than not she is doing scribe's work in the same span of time.
Lithiaris is a living clash of two very different concepts; the gentle elegance of a Priestess at a constant balance with the harsh, cunning nature of a Battle-Mage to leave a fierce but refined Combat-Mender.

Her face is gently angled; curling red-violet marks drop down from the outer corners of her eyes - the marks themselves look like curled feathers, fluttering down her cheeks.

Her neck and down along her collarbone and shoulders are slim and the bones just slightly pronounced, giving more to the elegance she tries to live her life with, and cling to when situations are less than ideal.

Her chest is noticeable from under her heavy robes, down the slope of her chest before curving back towards her body, though the armor isn't catered to showing them off, much to her satisfaction. A solid core allows for a bit of a curve at the waist, leading out to somewhat wide hips that support strong legs.

Don't be fooled, though, because under every inch of heavy, metal and leather-plated robes is the muscle to support fighting in those robes in the chaos of the front lines.

On the contrary, she holds herself in a simple, non-threatening way most of the time, with the occassional elegant mannerism that wouldn't quite giveaway the life she leads. When angered or upset, though.. that changes just as quick as the emotion arises.

Her armor is always a hich-necked, fully covering cloth, extremely thick in the make and often plated with heavy leather and metal. Being a Combat-Mender means that she can't often just wear the thin, silky robes Priestesses of the Moon often do.

There are always feathers tied into her hair, tied to her weapons, and hung from her armor. These are worn like proud, earned trophies, and she would not take kindly to comments made in poor taste about them, and even less any attempts to damage or steal them.

She has several tattoos, all very slightly glowing against her skin, whether from special inks, or magic.

One is of a violet spirit owl across her right shoulder, its tail feathers dropping down her back and its head cresting over her shoulder, one wing folded to its side and the other spread.

The second is a dark azure glowing, black cobra tattoo, and like the owl its tail also curls down her back, wraps around her neck once, and drops its head over her shoulder. Those two tattoos face eachother, and are pretty symmetrical opposites.

The third is a set of bands around each of her upper arms, encircling feathers.

She wears a simple silver and moonstone amulet that hangs from a choker around her neck. Three rings also adorn her fingers: a beaten, older looking silver band, a ring with a swirling red, though almost dull, gemstone, and a wooden band with glowing silver lettering. Each seems very important to her, and she touches each adornment from time to time.
Mate (if applicable)

Keledon Rillsinger (Formerly 'Skyshadow.' MIA, assumed AWOL)

Relatives and Relations
Sohren Silversong - Mother, deceased. (NPC)
Unknown Father (NPC)
Mardant Silversong - Uncle, location unknown. (PC)
Baelali Sorrowsong - Younger brother, location unknown. (PC)