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Dor'Serrar is an old Order originally started by and made up of Kaldorei from all walks of life. With the destruction of Teldrassil, the Order has evolved and changed.

We have little interest in continuing to perpetrate the old xenophobic mindset and the previous exclusions that entailed. We are made of different races, cultures, abilities, and history.

We have banded together with the interest of doing what we can to help those in need and correct hostile intentions with extreme prejudice.

Guild Type: Heavy Roleplay Focus
Roleplay Type: D20 combat system, story-driven, and social (RP-PvE and RP-PvP aspects explored and welcomed).
Accepted Races: All races.
Accepted Classes: All classes.
Please Note: Some character concepts may still run into old IC prejudices and create a negative IC response from some characters. We are not saying this will happen but we can't forsee every character's reaction to each other. In general, just being part of the Order is enough to curb most negative response. Just know that these reactions are IC and story driven. Please be sure this is something you can handle before bringing your character in.
Age Restricted: You must be 18 or older. No exceptions.
Atmosphere: OOC: Geeky, friendly people with a passion for stories, gaming, and humor (including dark humor). IC: A motley group of beings that look out for each other, surviving a world full of heroes, villians, and everything in between that rarely give a shit about anything but their own agendas. The Order's purpose is simple, protect our own. Guild chat is OOC, Comm channel is IC.
VOIP: Discord

October 2018 Guild Photo