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Dor'Serrar is a small military organization made up of Kaldorei from all walks of life. We have banded together with the interest of righting the wrongs that have come to pass in our homelands of Kalimdor.

Whether combating the forces of the Horde or striking down an insurgence of Naga or Fel taint, we go where we are needed and stop only when our people are safe and sound.

Guild Type: Heavy Roleplay Focus
Roleplay Type: D20 combat system, story-driven, social, & very occasional Rp-PvP
Event Schedule: Variable - Check the in-game guild calendar frequently!
Accepted Races: Kaldorei
  • All other races are a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed admittance.
Accepted Classes: All Kaldorei-allowed classes.
  • Absolutely no warlocks allowed IC.
  • Please Note: If your character is a Death Knight or a Demon Hunter, you may be regarded (in-character) as very much disliked due to current Lore (Official Warcraft Canon). If confrontational RP is not something you are interested in, Dor'Serrar may not be for you.
Member Demographic: Young Adults to Mature Adults
Atmosphere: Goofy, friendly people with a love for humor out-of-character, while taking in-character events and roleplay seriously. Guild chat is OOC, we have a communication channel for IC.
VOIP: Discord

All guild members, regardless of ranks, are allowed to create and host events, including social and D20-based!

Notice: We are not a parking service for rarely-played alternate characters. If you are looking to join the guild, we expect regular event attendance.

October 2018 Guild Photo
2014 Turwinkle interviews Dor'Serrar!